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EAP Construction Ltd. is a family company established by an excellent team with many years of experience in the restoration of concrete surfaces. We have the solutions for your toughest concrete problems. We are focused on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Committed to superior concrete quality and results.

About EAP Construction

At EAP Construction Ltd we are specialized in professional concrete surface restoration, concrete finishing, concrete pouring and placing, chipping, grinding, patching, sacking, construction stripping, grouting and caulking. We also offer post-construction cleaning and general labor services. We have a team of concrete finishers ready to work and travel to any job site where you require their service.


EAP implements techniques for restoration of concrete surfaces like parking lots, stairs, columns, bridges, precast walls, ceilings, balconies and more.

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Our Projects

In this video we are proud to show you some of the types of projects we do. You will find a variety of images that include commercial and industrial renovations and construction projects. Visit our project gallery page to see more details.

Our Clients

Clients Testimonial

They are very attentive, proactive, organized, responsible, careful, professional, caring and very committed to each of their projects. I recommend the company 100% for their experience and great trajectory in the Canadian market.

Olivia Martin

Happy Client

Excellent company! all their construction, renovation and architectural projects are executed with the highest standards by a team of experts. In addition, I could say the human warmth of each of their employees is second to none.

Benjamin Smith

Happy Client