EAP Construction Ltd. is a family company established by an excellent team with many years of experience in the restoration of concrete surfaces. We have the solutions for your toughest concrete problems. We are focused on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

We are specialized in professional restoration of concrete surfaces, finishing concrete, pour & placing concrete, chipping, grinding, patching, sacking, stripping construction, grouting, and caulking. We also provide post-construction cleaning services and general labour. We have a team of concrete finishers ready to work and travel to any job site where you would require their service.

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EAP Construction Ltd. implements advanced techniques to restore and rehabilitate concrete surfaces. These methods include chipping, grinding, patching, rubbing, sacking and the application of waterproof materials on concrete walls, parking lots, stairwells, bridges, precast concrete buildings, ceilings and balconies. We also implement these techniques for placing, pouring and finishing concrete in, sidewalks, slabs, walls and more. EAP Construction uses different types of materials and tools according to the requirements of our clients. Similarly, our high-quality service offers and carries out activities such as grouting, caulking, stripping formwork and general labor. Our goals and objectives are to elevate our work area of expertise to a much higher level and achieve the wants and needs of our clients to the best of our abilities. EAP’s security plan and our quality job make us a unique team in our field. Our honesty and integrity are the driven forces for our business progress. For more information, call us at (403) 724 3908.